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UK Parent

Mummies are not all Egyptian

Parenting in the UK
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Parenting is a tricky business. Tolerance is great, but tolerance of ignorance is a bad thing. This community is for those who understand that, while a lot of parenting is not black-and-white, there are issues where there are definitely preferred methods and options. We will speak up where we see things that aren't right.

Just as we won't be suggesting that driving on the wrong side of the road is your privilege as an individual - it's bad, it's wrong, it could kill - we won't be sugar-coating responses to 'I smoked throughout my pregnancy and MY child is ok', 'I left my child to cry alone for three hours, is that wrong?', 'I think my four week old needs solids', or 'my eight year old likes whisky'.

Why UK-specific? Because it can get really frustrating explaining why 'weaning' means something different, why Health Visitors are from Jupiter, why the NHS means we don't pay out a fortune for bumps and scrapes... and hot tips on shopping for essentials are pretty much useless when your nearest stockist is 3000 miles away.

The small print:
You can join if you're not in the UK or Ireland. We're nice like that. But don't complain if you occasionally need a translator! All Englishes are not created equal.
We currently have open and unmoderated membership. Flamebait and you'll be warned once and banned for any subsequent behaviour in that vein.
We exclude no-one purely on the basis of their interests or beliefs - that includes the militant, the snarkers, the self-proclaimed bitches. Ignorance, rudeness and apparent insanity are far more likely to get you removed than any parenting style.
It is possible to hit all the 'wrong' buttons on hot topics (e.g. what to feed, whether to immunise, how to educate) but to be a charming and pleasant person who offers support and advice to others. Or you can be a bitch with a string of pathetic excuses for every behaviour. Guess which one gets you banned?