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15 months and night-nursing like a newborn - help!

I've been thinking DS is waking a lot at night, and last night I managed to look at my watch each time and actually remember what I saw in the morning and have decided its getting a bit ridiculous! He went to sleep about 9pm ish, I went to  bed at 11ish when he woke for a feed, then he woke at 2am, 4.30am, and 7am he was awake for the day.  He seems to be on a pretty regular pattern of waking every 2 1/2 hours, ie, sleeping for 2 hours waking for a feed, sleeping another 2 hours, waking and feeding again... rinse and repeat till morning! I'm knackered!  He also has a 2 hour nap during the day (about 12 ish) ...

I dont really want to night wean him (sometimes he does seem to drink a lot and actually need/want the milk, while other wakings do seem more for the comfort, but how do i tell which is which?) but I would like more then 2 hours sleep in a row sometime soon! Is this normal for a co-sleeper?  DH thinks its because DS can smell the milk with me sleeping next to him, or as he put it  - "if I had a kebab next to me in bed I'd wake up for a quick snack pretty often too!"  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting him to stay asleep for longer? are there any good books that could help us (and support co-sleeping and not just methods for night-weaning)

Any help/advice/ideas/sypmathy gratefully accepted :-)
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